RHS Chatsworth – The Path of Least Resistance Garden

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A garden of ‘weeds’ – Yarrow, Daisies, Knapweed, Spear Thistle, Teasel, Poppies, Docks, Campion, Comfrey, Dandelions, Buddleja and many others. For me this was by far the best garden at the inaugural RHS Chatsworth show!
Design and built by three young landscape architecture students from Leeds Beckett University – Zuzanna Golczyk, Tom Rawlings and Frankie Tomany – whose concept behind the garden was: ’Looking to the unsung heroes of the plant kingdom, the renegades and survivors of urban landscapes, who thrive in their humble settings.’ Essentially they are encouraging a new look at plants we too often only see as there to be eradicated.
The design had been put together with great skill; materials such as crushed tarmac, concrete and brick being very artfully laid out and the sensitive layout of the plants was supported by geometric sculptural forms welded from rusted road-pins.
The garden was beautiful overall but it also encouraged you to examine the commonplace more closely and see the beauty therein.

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