A Quiet Corner

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This sublime little garden was at RHS Tatton recently.  It was designed by a new partnership, JarmanMurphy.  You can find them here:-

It was one of the small ‘back-to-back’ gardens but, in my opinion, was easily the best garden in show beating all the bigger gardens hands down.  Called ‘A Quiet Corner’ it consisted of a cobbled path leading to a small sitting area with a pair of simple wooden block seats.  An elegant steel water bowl was set to one side and the area was backed by a grey rendered wall finished with a thin sheen of pewter metallic paint.  A multi-stemmed Field Maple added height – essential in a small space.  The herbaceous under-planting was perfectly executed:  grasses, ferns, thyme, sanguisorba, allium and erigeron amongst others – a very light, naturalistic style and the way the shadows of the plants danced on the wall was just wonderful.  My description certainly does not do it justice!

The designers told me it seemed to be a real ‘marmite’ design – people either loved it or couldn’t do with ‘all the weeds’…….  However, anyone who caught the television coverage of the show will know that it was the favourite garden of a certain Mr Montague Don – surely no better endorsement!

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