Rates and Charges


Maintenance – all maintenance work is done strictly on a time-charge basis.  This is the most transparent and fairest way of working, both for customers and myself.  (Plants/materials/sundries etc. charged in addition.)

I have two hourly rates depending upon whether the work is hand-tool work or petrol-tool, (mowers, strimmers, hedge-cutters, brush-cutters etc.). Petrol-tool work is charged at a slightly higher rate to allow for petrol, oil, other sundries such as strimmer cord, annual servicing of tools and repairs.

Work is charged by the half hour by work type, (i.e. hand-tool or petrol-tool), with a minimum total visit time of one and a half hours.

Consultation/advisory visits – Hourly rate. (Includes follow up email.)

Garden design/planting plan preparation – Hourly rate plus materials.

Production of garden management plans – Hourly rate plus materials.