Rating *****
9 August 2022 by Hazel Sutcliffe
‘Paul redesigned my garden to make it more manageable. He combined my preferences with his own ideas and encyclopaedic knowledge and the end result is an ideal place to sit and enjoy a peaceful, colourful and aromatic space. Perfect!’

Rating *****
31 July 2022 by Peter Stevens
‘An encyclopaedic knowledge of flora. A superior ability to plan a must have layout relative to the space available. To my mind he is the answer to a property owner’s prayer.’

12 Oct 2020 by KarenI-45
‘Tired Old Garden to New Revitalised Garden’‘I didn’t really know what I wanted when I first met Paul but I knew what I didn’t want! Paul has worked tirelessly to help me recreate a ‘tired’ garden and has brought it back to life. He worked with me to help me bring my ideas to life, making really helpful suggestions along the way. He is both reliable, trustworthy and extremely knowledgable and I would’t hesitate to recommend him.’

03 May 2020 by JohnandrewT
‘Friendly and professional service’
‘I asked Paul to look at my garden when it became too much for me to manage a couple of years ago. It had become overgrown and several areas were showing signs of disease. Paul methodically brought it back to life, removing weeds and diseased plants and discussing new planting schemes while keeping my old favourites. Thanks to his regular visits, the new plants are doing well, borders and paths are weed-free, and I can enjoy my garden again.’

Rating *****
07 May 2019 by JayneS-290
‘Excellent designer and gardener.’
‘After having some large trees removed, Paul re-designed, sourced the plants and re- planted our front and back gardens.
We would recommend his work 100%. He listened to our vision and has developed a really interesting, multi-seasonal garden which will look amazing from January to December.
Paul is very organised, his planning, delivery and planting are seamless. He is very clean, tidy and timely in his work.
In fact…the planting is now complete but we can’t let Paul go!…..we have retained him to maintain our lovely garden.’

Rating *****
05 Sep 2018  by Happy Tingles
‘We have used Paul’s gardening service a number of years now and we are extremely happy with the work he does. We have a difficult plot to work on and my husband and I found it hard to keep control of which is initially why we contacted him. He made an instant impact on the aesthetics of our garden and we then subsequently asked him to redesign a part of it. I was at a loss as to what to do and he came up with ideas and plans which we discussed and then implemented. The garden looks so much more structured now and is interesting to look at. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise we continue to develop the garden, sometimes at our suggestion and sometimes based on his recommendation. He is easy to work with, reliable and trustworthy and I would recommend his services without any hesitation.’

Rating *****
20/1/18 by Rachel Harben
‘I rate Paul very highly as a gardener. He is friendly, hardworking, passionate and committed to the job. He has done a fantastic job in maintaining my garden, always suggesting helpful ways on which to make improvements and keeping me well informed of everything he has done. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable gardener!’

Rating *****
29 Aug 2017 by DonG-9
‘Best in Barnsley – highly recommended’
‘If you’re struggling with your garden, whether it’s design, landscaping or just getting it under control, then Paul is the perfect man for the job. Pleasant, efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy, he will advise and guide you through what is best for you and your garden. He’s well qualified and knows exactly what he’s talking about.’

Rating *****
22/3/2017 by JudiF
‘Paul has done a wonderful job improving and maintaining our garden over the last few years. He produced a brilliant plan for planting and his efforts have now come to fruition giving us a beautiful spring garden, which we will be very sad to leave when we move house next week.’

Rating *****
5/2/2017 by Marie Bedford
‘Paul Telfer has been my gardener since summer 2014 and has helped me to completely redesign the front garden and we are now gradually developing the back, whilst also keeping on top of the general maintenance of the garden overall. He has some great ideas. Whilst staying within the remit of what I like and want, he also pushes me to consider new ideas as well. He is very friendly, approachable and professional.’

February 2017 by J Thomas
‘Paul’s clever and informed choice of plants turned a rather ordinary garden into something that gave our friend Sylvia a huge amount of pleasure in the last couple of years of her life. Sylvia respected his professionalism and valued the developing friendship.  We would not hesitate to recommend him to others.’

Rating *****
2/5/2016 by S Stead
‘I needed a gardener for my mother when my father died as she has a large garden. What a great find Paul was. He is reliable, honest and friendly. He has helped mum with advice and information. His work is always to a very high standard. Mum’s garden now looks fantastic and Paul continues to improve it. Paul also helped us to sell my mother-in-law’s house by getting the garden ready to sell. Paul is very talented and knowledgeable.’

Great gardener who is honest and trustworthy
20/05/2015 by sjones70
‘We used Paul’s services for about a year after our garden had become very overgrown whilst we renovated our house. He really sorted it out back to a garden that we can use for the first time this summer, and he had lots of ideas for planting that were well suited to our particular garden. We wouldn’t hesitate to use his service again for any of our gardening needs. Very honest and trustworthy.’

The perfect solution
30/04/2015 by  J Go1
‘I was fortunate to discover Paul at a time when my mother’s garden had become unmanageable for her. From an initial, brief telephone conversation, I instinctively knew that Paul would be fair and honest and would not take advantage of my mother – which is always a concern, when using a new tradesman for the first time. I am happy to say that my instincts were proved right. Paul soon had the garden back under control and has continued to maintain it ever since. If you already have a clear plan of what you want to achieve in your garden, Paul is happy to take instructions and get on with the work required. He is conscientious, trustworthy and hard-working. If, on the other hand, you are at a loss as to where or how to start, he will offer advice, discuss options and come up with a cost-effective solution – however big or small the task. Paul is personable, knowledgeable and cares about both gardens and people. Through his passion and enthusiasm, he has even managed to get me interested in the garden and taking pride in how it looks. I have no hesitation in recommending him wholeheartedly.’

What a relief!
***** 26/03/2014 by sylviaK
‘Elderly, a little unsteady, and with little knowledge about plants, I had become dismayed by the state of my garden. Paul’s arrival brought confidence that all would be well. We discussed suitable candidates for the extra planting I needed and he soon had the garden tidied and the new plants installed. Now that it is under Paul’s care, the garden has become a pleasure once again.’

Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5
‘Paul has completely sorted out my neglected garden, not to mention repairing my greenhouse after the storms. He is knowledgeable, reliable and hardworking, and quick to respond to my requests.’ Ruth – 26/1/14

***** 07/12/13 by GeoffreyHu
‘Our garden has been neglected because of pressure of other commitments. Paul has taken it in hand. The fruit trees are correctly pruned; the slabbed areas are now free of weeds; overgrown areas are cut back and ideas given for improving and making easier maintenance. All ready now for winter-wash, whichwill be done shortly. Highly recommended – grab him before his timetable gets too full.’  G.H.