Gardens can have many functions.  How you want your garden to work for you can be enhanced by thoughtful design.  You may want your garden to be:  a tranquil place to relax in; somewhere to eat outside and entertain in in summer; somewhere for your children to play; a haven for wildlife; somewhere to grow fruit and vegetables; a contemporary space with strong aesthetics; somewhere to grow and show off, a collection of plants; or simply a sympathetic setting for your house.  Most likely you will want your garden to combine any number and more of these functions.  Balancing and accommodating competing functions is a major area where good design can help.  Paul Telfer GardenCare has over 25 years of experience in landscape design and by working closely with you I can help you to realise your own ideas and aspirations.



No garden is ever ‘finished’.  All gardens change and evolve continuously, both through the seasons and across the years.  This continuous change is one of the great pleasures of owning a garden.  Paul Telfer GardenCare can help with the ongoing, creative development of your garden, whether by adding a small amount of additional planting or through a more major project.

Here are some ideas you may wish to consider:  new planting including bulbs, herbaceous perennials, shrubs and trees; seasonal container planting; creation of productive gardens such as herb gardens, soft fruit or vegetables; colour themed gardens; sensory gardens; creation of seasonal gardens such as winter/early spring gardens; orchards and nutteries; creation of gardens to promote and observe wildlife such as bee and butterfly gardens, wildflower areas, coppice and woodland gardens.



Please note: I no longer offer a purely garden maintenance service. I will/do maintain gardens I have designed and/or planted for customers.

I now concentrate on garden design, development, renovation and whole garden management.



Gardens sometimes become overgrown and neglected.  This can be as a result of having to prioritize other commitments, illness or infirmity, or just because it has all become ‘a bit too much’.  Sometimes we might buy, or inherit, a property with a garden in poor condition.  Where this is the case Paul Telfer GardenCare can help with sensitive, considered, renovation.

Liaising with customers throughout the process is essential so as to ensure that decisions are always jointly made.  Typically the process will then involve:  the removal of undesired plants; the removal of plants beyond renovation; careful, and horticulturally correct, pruning of trees and shrubs to be retained; division and replanting of herbaceous material; restoration of garden features.  The aim throughout is to restore a neglected garden back into a beautiful space again.